This is a group created to share information about HIV related lipodystrophy, facial wasting, nutrition, side effects, exercise, latest treatments and metabolic disorders and other emerging HIV health issues. It is run solely by volunteers. Please read the following and make sure you understand what you agree to do when joining this group.

By joining, I will abide by the following:

1- I will refrain from engaging in personal attacks on others--even if I strongly disagree with their views.

2- I will respect the confidentiality of others.

3- I will post messages only on issues that are pertinent to the list

4- I will respect people's gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, HIV status, political affiliations, etc.

5- I will not spam the list with for profit information

6- I believe HIV is the cause of AIDS

7- I will include subject lines so others can determine the content of my posting, and not "I have a question" or "Digest #456"

8- As a new member, I will read the previous postings on the website (using the search feature) before I post the same question again.

9- My messages may or may not get approved by the moderator. I will accept the moderator's best judgement and will not argue about it with him/her.

I understand that if I do not comply with these requirements I may be expelled from this list by the administrator. The administrator will not send a warning in many cases.

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